foraged and found in nature

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Mushroom Growing Webinars

Have you ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms?

In our Webinar Workshops Forest Organics will share their low tech secrets to successfully growing mushrooms at home. Forest Organics will share over 11 years of experience and answer all your questions.

You will learn that mushrooms are the premium recyclers on the planet, that fungi are essential in recycling organic waste, and how mushrooms return efficient nutrients to the ecosystem.

In addition, you will learn how to use everyday materials like straw, unwanted cardboard, natural logs, stumps, coffee grounds and many more items to grow delicious and healthy mushrooms.

Forest Organics Upcoming Webinars

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms Natural Log Cultivation

Growing Reishi Mushrooms in small Urban Environments

Recycling With Mushrooms In urban / small space’s

The Mushroom Life-Cycle and its place in nature

Glowing Mushrooms in Nature

Presented by Forest Organics

of Ann Arbor Michigan.

About Forest Organics Live Webinars

When & How!

Forest Organics webinars are generally about an hour long. Sometimes they are scheduled in the evening, and sometimes around noontime. All webinars are recorded and made available for viewing within a few days.

If you have Internet access and can hear sound through your computer, you should be able to participate or watch recordings regardless of the type of computer or operating system you use. A broadband connection to the Internet is helpful but not required.

 Forest Organics Webinars

In Our webinars you will learn the latest in mushroom growing techniques right in the comfort of your home. Our webinars will include detailed slide presentation and video, listen to the presenter, and type in your questions during the live event.

We will be charging for some of our webinars, and some will be free. Upon registering we will mail you all the supplies you would normally get in one of our live workshops like spawn, wax etc, excluding the substrate material IE, logs, stumps etc.

Webinar Prices $38.95

Limited Space Register Today

Please sign up for upcoming dates and information on our workshops, and webinars.