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Fresh Matsutake Mushroom / Pine Grade #1/per pound(call for prices)

Part Number 68
Fresh Matsutake Mushroom / Pine Grade #1/per pound(call for prices)
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The #1 Grade Matsutake is the Japanese standard and the only acceptable grade for gifts. The cap is slightly open with a veil that is fully intact.  There will be a small slice in the stem to check for bugs.

The #2, 3 grade mix has a larger cap, it is more economical for those who only want the matsutake for eating, not for appearance. Please do not choose this grade if you want them for appearances.
The under 2.5 inch matsutake is very small, and does not have a veil yet, it is a button. It has no shape yet, and is considered a dink. This is another economical way to purchase your matsutake for eating only, not for looks.

We do not clean the matsutake before shipping, otherwise they dry out fast and do not last long. When they arrive, wrap them in a moist cloth and place in a strainer, not in plastic, keep the cloth moist until you are ready to use them, this helps them stay fresh longer. Clean them with a clean, wet sponge when you are ready to use them, do not run them under water.

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