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13" Long Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Pre-Inoculated Organic

Part Number 113-2-2-2-2
13" Long Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Pre-Inoculated Organic
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Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Log

13" long 3-4" in diameter

PRE-INOCULATED Edible Mushroom Log:

Simply put your log in a shady spot outside, and wait. These mushrooms can also be grown indoors if you choose to do so.

By growing your own mushrooms naturally on hardwood logs you can reap all of the nutritional and medicinal benefits the mushrooms have to offer. Unlike our competitors we offer high quality oak logs that are inoculated with our own handmade first generation mushroom spawn. We do not purchase our spawn from other companies like most of our competitors. We also cut our logs during the winter season insuring high moisture levels and high nutrient rich logs, and our logs contain large sapwood to heartwood portions for maximum log production.

Mushrooms cost a fortune in the store and are full of pesticides used to keep fruit flies and bugs out of the mass production growing chambers where 80% of all mushrooms are grown on hardwood supplemented sawdust blocks in the United States, and we all know eating mushrooms you’ve grown yourself and harvested five minutes ago from a real log is hands down healthier, and much cheaper than store bought mushrooms over time.

We work with tree clearing companies and harvest the top limb portions they leave behind from the harvested trees, we believe in recycling what would normally be left to just rot on the ground.

The top portion of the trees yield the best logs for mushroom cultivation anyway due to the fact that the limbs contain almost 100% sapwood, the sapwood is what determines how long your log will grow mushrooms, basically the sapwood is the mushrooms food source for the mushrooms and also determines the life of the log, the more sapwood the more food, when the mushroom mycelium consumes all the nutrients in the sapwood the log doesn’t grow mushrooms anymore.

Your log will last 2-4 years. After the first fruiting it will fruit naturally in the spring and fall, but can be force-fruited every 8 weeks. Note: Force fruiting will shorten the life of the log to approximately 2 years.

To force-fruit, soak (submerge) the log in cold water for 12-24 hours. This mimics the environment when mushrooms fruit naturally, which occurs during temperature fluctuations and rainfall, making the log “think” it’s time to fruit again. Mushrooms will start appearing in a few days; the log can stay outside all the time but must be kept in a shady area.

You will have gourmet mushrooms in the early spring, late spring, early fall, and late fall, you’ll also get mushrooms a few times in the summer months as well. The log will fruit on its own naturally four to five times throughout the year, or you can force-fruit your log anytime throughout the year including the winter months by bringing the log indoors and doing the cold water soak every two months if you want.

You can also keep the log indoors all the time and force fruit indoors, if you choose to do so.

Each log is approximately 13 inches long and 3-4 inches in diameter Note: logs may look different than pictured.

Your log comes with a care instruction booklet explaining how to take care of your log so you can have a fruitful relationship with your new mushroom growing log! It also exsplains how to force fruit the log, as well as other great information, the booklet is tied to the log with raffia ribbon, also stapled to the top of every log is an identification label with the date of inoculation, and species type.

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Please email us with any questions. Mushroom logs must be maintained properly in your garden or indoors, as per our instructions, if they are expected to reliably produce mushrooms. Allowing the logs to dry out, exposure to extreme heat or sun, etc. may result in the logs dying. If your log fails to produce mushrooms within 12 months of your purchase date. We will replace it free of charge. To obtain a replacement log, your dud log must be returned to our facility at your expense.

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